150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租

  • 2018-06-18
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    • 区  域
      拍昆仑县(Phra Khanong)
    • 详细地址
      1595 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Phra Khanong Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
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    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城
    • 150米至轻轨 50层楼城景 配套齐全 短租日租 -曼谷58同城

    Putting your dreaminto your suitcase! Welcome you to stay at Sky Walk International Residence,may you have an exclusive memory of enjoyment, free, economical and funny inThailand.

    把梦想装进旅行箱,欢迎阁下入住Sky Walk国际公寓,愿阁下拥有一段泰享受、泰自由、泰划算、泰好玩的独家记忆!

    Departure arrival - apartment location


    The apartment islocated in 1595 Sukhumvit Rd,Khwaeng Phra Khanong Nuea,Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. You will be inthe central city of Bangkok Sukhumvit core area, with 50-story high building,47-story rare Sky Lounge, vast expanse of the transparent vision, quiet andcomfortable environment , complete complement, you can go to Starbucks for 2minutes and have a cup of American style coffee, or enjoy Japanese cooking, orvisit the art gallery, even the 7-11 is closer to life, as well, you can alsofeel the unique flavor of Thailand night market, and the president helicopterapron is equipped, to enjoy international high-end quality travel life! It isonly 150 meters to walk to arrive at BTS station Phra Khanong, with convenienttransportation, straight line starting, and only taking 15 min to arrive atSiam, Central World business quarters and Sukhumvit, Nana, Silom and otherentertainment areas, it is only 30 minutes to take to arrive at Bangkok DonMueang International Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport by bus or car, and the AirportExpress Shuttle BTS can arrive apartment as well! And 10-20 minutes to reachthe famous scenic spots in Bangkok: Grand Palace, Temple of Reclining Buddha,Jade Buddha Temple, Four sided Buddha, The Chao Phraya River, Madame TussaudsHong Kong, at the same time, the weekend market, the water market andother characteristics shopping districtsare also near at hand!

    公寓位于1595 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Phra Khanong Nuea,

    Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon,阁下将身处曼谷城央核心Sukhumvit50层的超高建筑,47层罕有的空中酒廊,一望无际的通透视野,环境安静舒适,配套齐全,你可以2分钟抵达星巴克喝上一杯美式,或是来一顿日本料理,又或是逛逛家门口的美术馆,就连7-11都更贴近生活,更可感受独具风味的泰国夜市,超奢华配有直升飞机总裁停机坪,享受国际高端品质旅行生活!步行150米即可到达BTSPhra Khanong,交通出行便利,直线出发,15分钟可方便到达SiamCentral World等商业区及SukhumvitNanaSilom等娱乐区,距离曼谷廊曼机场、素万那普机场仅30分钟车程,更有机场快线接驳BTS到达公寓!10-20分钟轻松到达曼谷著名景点:大皇宫、卧佛寺、玉佛寺、四面佛、湄南河、杜莎夫人蜡像馆等,同时,周末市场、水上市场等特色购物区也近在咫尺!

    Castle of love---Room information


    The 1.8M*2.0MDeluxe Room covers an area of 55 square meters, with private balcony andbathtub equipped with for 50-floor city scene , City of Angels, Brightbeauty.......as well as standard kitchen, tableware, kitchenware, refrigerator,washing machine, sofa, air conditioning, LED TV, millet intelligent set-topbox, microwave oven and other equipment; The apartment offers free parking, 24hour hot water, wireless WIFI, Chinese television service, and recreationalfacilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, air bar, so that you can enjoyhealthy life at anytime, it is the best choice for short rental traveltourists, as well as an ideal place for business people and tourists to visitBangkok!


    Pleasant journey——Intimate service


    1.Provide avariety of language services, including English, Chinese, Thai, Cantonese, etc.;


    2.Provide shortrent, rental discount prices, quality service, making travel morecost-effective;


    3. Provide a pickup service, one stop arrival, free from worry and more time saving during thewhole journey;


    4.Provide privatetour guide service, noon communication, travel guide, for enjoying moreconvenient and more comfortable;


    5.The room isequipped with millet smart network TV set-top boxes, more than 400 Chinesechannels, RTHK TV shows, somatosensory games, voice search, multi screeninteraction, more intelligent content one touch experience;


    6.Provide accesscontrol elevator and fingerprint lock, 24 hours security on duty, to ensure thesafety;


    7.Provide a simpleThai learning service, practical and convenient, for the feelings of languageand culture;


    8.Provide chefhome service, so you can enjoy Chinese food at any time;





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