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  • 95成新 Liangshan Qingyou Chemical Co., Ltd. has long sold used chemical plant equipment, grease plant equipment, feed plant processing equipment, food plant, beverage plant processing equipment, pharmaceutical plant equipment, brewery brewing, starch plant equipment, alkali plant equipment, salt plant equipment, sugar refinery equipment, alcohol plant equipment, beer plant equipment, xylitol production line, traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment, paraformaldehyde production line and other equipment. Second-hand reaction equipment: reaction vessels, stainless steel reaction vessels, enamel reaction vessels, high-pressure reaction vessels, carbon steel reaction vessels, laboratory reaction vessels, electric heating reaction vessels, reaction vessels, stirring vessels, fermentation vessels, crystallization vessels, batching vessels, concentration vessel pressure vessels and other reaction equipment; Used separation equipment: centrifuges, horizontal screw settling centrifuges, horizontal screw filtering centrifuges, horizontal scraping centrifuges, (single-stage/double-stage) piston pushing centrifuges, hanging bag centrifuges, disc centrifuges, tripods centrifuges, tubular centrifuges, starch centrifuges, yeast centrifuges, sewage treatment centrifuges, belt filters and other separation equipment; Second-hand drying equipment: dryers, tube bundle dryers, drum dryers, starch dryers, food dryers, fluidized bed dryers, double cone vacuum dryers, vacuum rake dryers, boiling granulators, spray drier, flash dryers, microwave dryers, airflow dryers, flat plate dryers, hot air circulation ovens, vacuum dryers, freeze dryers, hot air stoves and other drying equipment; Second-hand filtering equipment: filter press, plate and frame filter, box filter, diaphragm filter press, vane filter, cylinder filter, vacuum drum filter, sand bar filter, titanium bar filter, air filter, etc. Used heat transfer equipment: evaporators, rising film evaporators, falling film evaporators, concentration evaporators, single-effect evaporators, double-effect evaporators, three-effect evaporators, four-effect evaporators, thin film evaporators, rotary thin film evaporators, scraper evaporators, spherical concentration evaporators, stainless steel tubular condensers, spiral plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers and other heat transfer equipment; Used mixing equipment: mixer, V-type mixer, single/double paddle mixer, double cone mixer, three-dimensional mixer, two-dimensional mixer homogenizer, high-speed disperser and other mixing and stirring equipment